More Than Apps and Sustainability

While we build industry-leading apps, our knowledge and expertise goes far beyond apps themselves. In order to be successful today in the hypercompetitive app stores, a more holistic approach is needed. That's why we're a product team to be a strategic partner, not just a bunch of mobile app developers.

We help our customers understand that they are not just building apps, they're building businesses. That's true whether you're a startup or a business unit within an internationally-known conglomerate. Our method proves that you need a "more than apps" mindset when creating an app. Our team consists or strategists, user experience and visual designers, developers, quality assurance engineers, writers, and even marketers.

Working with us is like gaining a premium design studio, a top-notch development team, a strategic business consultant, a product manager, a marketing guru, a numbers cruncher and a mad genius – all in one.


We’ve been shaping the mobile roadmap since the beginning and we have no intention of slowing down now.

We’re dreamers, we’re builders, we’re artists and engineers. At Y Media Labs, we span the globe in pursuit of authentic, innovative ideas and yield to nothing in the pursuit of excellence.