Mobilion is a leading future technology software development company in Turkey which provides innovative software solutions and services, covering the entire project lifecycle from strategy, consulting, design, application development and integration to support.

Since 2010, the revolutionary mobile products we’ve created successful apps have demonstrated our unique ability to see what others cannot. And as for what the future holds, we’re cruising in the fast lane towards unbelievable, new possibilities in mobile technology.

Founded in 2010, we’re considered a grandpa in app years. We started developing apps back when iOS was called “iPhone OS”, worked with Android on the original Nexus phone by Google, helped ship some of the first iPad apps ever on the App Store, and even introduced swipe gestures as a navigation paradigm before Apple did.

Mobilion – as our customers affectionately call us—has crafted hundreds of app experiences, pushed thousands of app updates, and seen millions of downloads from our work. We’re tenacious, opinionated, particular, and obsessive about everything in life... It shows in our work.

Mobilion serves its bluechip client base from main offices in İstanbul and Ankara.




A Note From Ertan Fidan(FOUNDER)

Back in 2007, with iPhone, known it was the future. When the initial SDK was released, we went "all in." We started tinkering with apps and quickly found ourselves helping others bring their ideas to life.

That was a short ten years ago. Today, I'm incredibly proud of the company we've become and are becoming. I believe we continue to do well because of our integrity, passion, and desire to do the best work of our careers.

When someone chooses to work with us, we take that very seriously. We know that every dollar spent with us, is someone's dream or job on the line. Nothing is taken for granted at Mobilion. Not a phone call, not a meeting, not a cup of coffee. Yes, we know how to have fun but we believe producing great work is the most fun of all.

Thanks for learning more about us today. I hope at the very least we help you discover more about what it takes to bring a successful app to the market. We'd be happy to hear from you, even if it's just to point you in the right direction.